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As a theatre company, we want to create work that revels in the ridiculousness of everyday life. We will explore topics that are of utter importance in the present discourse. Our work is made for a range of audiences, who like us are interested in breaking down topical subjects and theatrical forms and flipping them on their head. We want our work to encourage more young people to go to the theatre, perhaps inspiring a new generation of theatre-makers and creators. We will endeavor to make our work to a high standard as well as accessible, thoughtful, didactic, bizarre, and relevant. We will begin on our doorstep, the brilliant town we are based in, Weston-super-Mare. In time we will become one of the leading and most versatile theatre companies in Somerset. From there we will take our work further afield, not only spreading our name but also of Weston-super-Mare and Somerset as a place of artistic excellence.


"The only way of reaching the universal is through the ultra-local" 

– Salvador Dali

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Photos on this site are by the brilliantly talented Adam Leppard & Jess Hicks

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