what is Atomic Rhubarb?

We make theatre that is bizarre, didactic and relevant!

Brief History

We are Atomic Rhubarb, a theatre company based in Weston-super-Mare. We met during our Performing Arts degree at University Centre Weston. Atomic Rhubarb was born during our third year, when we had to form our own theatre companies and create our own work. Back then there were five Rhubarbs, but now there's only three. Within our first year as a company we created our first show "The Drowned Witch and the Plum Tree". Another element of our final year was to create individual solo performances, and this is where Clare developed the character "Queer Monster" and created a drag/cabaret show all about her!. Coral created a show about breaking down the stigma surrounding periods - "What's in the Bush? "And Joe's "Making Plans for Hugo" is a Dadaist journey across Europe and into fatherhood. After our solos we created our second Rhubarb show Looking for Baby Daddy, which we toured to Bristol, London and the Edinburgh Fringe festival in 2018.       

We completed our first run at the Edinburgh Fringe and came home to graduate. Unlike many graduates we sort of knew what we wanted to do. Clare and Joe stayed Weston, whilst Coral went home to her native Hertfordshire...but was always a phone call away. Meanwhile Clare and Joe rewrote and re-staged Clare's "QUEER MONSTER" which became our third Rhubarb show, which toured to Bristol, Somerset, Devon and Morecombe Fringe. Alongside this we have worked with fellow UCW graduate theatre company 5 in a Hat. We have also begun to make a name for ourselves in the Weston art scene, having worked alongside Terrestrial and become guardians of Weston Artspace, which we use for rehearsal and office space. We are also working with Theatre Orchard hosting "Scratch 'n' Sniff" and performing at Whirligig Festival.


In late 2019 we made plans to work on our fourth show with Coral very much at the helm. We will be R&Ding "Period Drama" in educational institutions in late 2021. Once we have secured the funding for R&D and devised the final show, we will embark on a full scale tour to schools in 2022.  

It's gonna be good!

Coral adlam

I love, love, love the spontaneous nature of devising theatre as you never know what to expect! I enjoy the process of creating work through endless techniques AND I love me a good set transition. I'm really interested in creating work for young audiences, and made two Theatre for Young Audiences (TYA) shows whilst training.  And I firmly believe it is so important that young people are able to experience theatre whatever their situation may be!

joe brooks

"What the hell did I just watch?" In theatre I love giving people that reaction.Comes from my love of DADA. You can sneak a meaning in it. A moral in an abstract costume. That line between meaning and meaningless. There can be great meaning in that ironically and great comedy. I love making that in theatre and showing how it's done. Like seeing the wizard behind the curtain. It's far more interesting than the trick!



Clare Finlan


The arts is my first love and our love child from there is theatre. I want to make theatre that is going to change the world. I know that sounds impossible and cliche but in the words of Frank N. Furter "Don't dream it, be it". I take my inspiration from the fabulous people, take their energy and use it for my own. Becoming a ball of weird, funny, sexy energy exploding on stage. Be the things you can be in real life but the explosion has broken those barriers and now that energy has passed on. Energy can not be destroyed; only be transferred. And that's science!

Our first show 2017! When their were five Rhubarbs. It's a mad mouthful of a show. Enjoy 'The Drowned Witch and the Plum Tree'

Pictures of us in the wild...

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