Previous Shows

The Drowned Witch and The Plum Tree 

The story of Sam & Jasper, two musicians who find themselves in the strange village of Little Happens. They come across the folktale of Timor the Witch who drowned herself because of a cursed Plum Tree.

As mad as our company name suggests, its a mad, crazy show where we were able to find our style. A fun little run around and it's very slick if we do say so ourselves!

Created by Coral Adlam, Joe Brooks, Clare Finlan, Jess Powell & Cydney Sylvester 

Devised in 2017

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Looking for Baby Daddy


Barbara is pregnant. The problem is she doesn't know who the father is OR how she even got pregnant!? For 40 minutes Barbara tries to find her Baby Daddy. Her only company is 3 smutty theorists, who have the weirdest theories about her mysterious conception of the baby. Oh and Jacket Potato! Again a very silly show and an experiment in minimalism.

Created by Coral Adlam, Joe Brooks, Clare Finlan & Cydney Sylvester 

Devised in 2018 and performed at the 2018 Edinburgh Fringe

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Other projects 


A Touch of Fool


Our friends at 5 in a Hat theatre company said "You wanna make comedy based on the origin of the phrase Tom Foolery, about a murderous jester and then tour it?"

"Yes please" replied the polite Rhubarbs.

Silent Disco


Theatre Orchard asked us to host a silent disco which we appropriately named "Groove is in the garden" at the Whirligig Festival and since then we have hosted some more. Lots of fun and a lot of dancing.


Scratch 'n' Sniff


A Scratch night organised by the lovely Theatre Orchard. Hosted by us at Weston Museum. The acts being the past and present performing arts students of UCW.


Halloween at Barnstaple Museum


Halloween 2019 we were the ghosts of Barnstaple's past. The museum was transformed for one night only and the lights turned off for a search and find trail for the children (and enthusiastic adults )of Barnstaple. It was a spooky spooky evening. 


Secret Spy Days 


Working with Terrestrial and the brilliant Nigel & Louise to bring fun and games onto the streets of Weston. Getting the public follow maps, secret codes, disguises. 

Drag Workshop


We have a Drag Workshop! And we love doing it. We can help you find your inner queen or king or whatever you want! 


Weston Artspace 


Set up by Terrestrial. The Artspace is a brilliant community space. We use it as rehearsal and office space. For us it has been the most amazing resource and are very proud of it. Joe & Clare are also two of its guardians.