What the heck is QUEER MONSTER?


A green baby born on stage before your very eyes. You see her in her first seconds of life as she stands up, walks, talks, dances and lip syncs. She's loud, proud, funny, rude, a snowflake, abrasive and kind. She's your weird arty friend you knew at school but lost contact with. She's the person you want to be but you're not as green, not as beautiful and not as funny as her (because you can't). In her variety of shows and appearances she makes you laugh, questions gender, questions queerness and questions questions but what she is really doing, is having a bloody good time. After all it's her birthday and no one is going to ruin it! Not the audience and especially not that Heterosexual Demon! If you find yourself watching QUEER MONSTER just relax and have good time, she will.


Clare created QUEER MONSTER in her first year at university as slightly improved underwater octopus queer monster thing. Clare loves drag so in her second year solo show. She made QUEER MONSTER as we see her now. She was literally born in front of us on stage and it was brilliant! A mix of drag and Cabaret, Clare made the sequel in her final year and then performed a mash up of both versions after graduating. After university, knowing that they were serious about this theatre career theatre Clare & Joe made the 4th (We count it as Atomic Rhubarb's 3rd show) QUEER MONSTER show which featured Joe as QUEER's best friend and Nancy, a theatrical agent who was talking anus. Clare & Joe made another two versions of QUEER MONSTER, which featured her nemesis the Heterosexual Demon (based on an idea by Josh Clark). The 6th incarnation of the show, we toured to Barnstaple and Morecombe Fringe where it received very positive reviews. Clare has decided she wants to work QUEER in her own time but come out for the occasional fun. QUEER will always be a favourite of ours and she's got plenty more to say!  

Road to Queer Monster | 2018 Documentary 

A short documentary made by our friend Josh Clark for his Uni project. It follows Clare & Joe just after leaving Uni as they try to make the 3rd Atomic Rhubarb show and 4th incarnation of QUEER MONSTER

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