"It's almost like we're whispering about our periods, the less we know the better we'll be"

The development of this show began during our third and final year of university, where we had to create individual solo performances. Coral is very interested in creating Theatre for Young Audiences (TYA), and this project was no different. The original show was called What's in the bush?

We are currently researching and developing (R&D) the show ready to tour it in 2021! And we started with a name change...PERIOD DRAMA

Update: We were going to be R&Ding in 2020 but we couldn't. If you don't know why that is, then I hope you've been enjoying your Hermit life and thanks for looking at our Website first! Enough silliness. Everything has moved forward a year. As we type we are finishing our draft for funding wish us luck!

PERIOD DRAMA is a show about periods, and everything that comes with them. Do you want to feel confident talking about menstruation? Do you want to know how much blood is lost during a period? Do you want to see an interpretative dance portraying the journey an egg takes during the menstrual cycle? Then PERIOD DRAMA is the show for you!!


Anyone who has a womb has more than likely had a period at some point in their life, and yet it is still not considered "acceptable" to talk about them openly. This show will change that! It's funny, it's mad, it's informative! Through comedy, movement, music and more we want to remove the stigma surrounding periods and give young people a clearer idea of what goes on down there! 

Keep your eyes peeled to see what we've got planned!

Pink Lemon

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.